Serie Oro - 330mm


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  • Poupe £15.00

Brembo Serie ORO 330mm Big Brake Upgrade Discs

Developed very much from racing, the Brembo 330mm Serie ORO disc uses a 5mm thick high carbon stainless rotor fixed to a CNC machined hard anodised alloy centre with floating bobbins.

Increasing the diameter of the disc rotor will increase the braking leverage and thereby deliver a big increase in braking power. The very latest products are 330mm rotors as used by the latest championship winning superbikes such as the Ducati Panigales and Kawasaki ZX10R.

Brembo spends more money on research and development than any other braking company in the world. In fact it spends more on R & D than most of its competitors even take in sales revenue. Only by doing so can it design the perfect product for every given application and 320mm diameter is the optimum size for a performance disc as it strikes the perfect balance between performance and weight, thereby delivering the best balance of braking performance and handling.

Some OE discs are 320mm and some not, so where required a fitting kit is available to move the caliper mounts to suit and they can be used with all other original equipment parts. Where not used as standard the increase in size to 320mm will deliver a big increase in braking power.

The rotors are round rather than the novelty fashion petal type to maintain performance, consistency and low pad wear during intense use. Bells are hard rather than colour anodised to ensure good durability and 5mm thickness and 320mm diameter is the best balance between durability, performance and weight.
Spacer kits available to suit models that require them.

These Brake discs are quoted each – for a pair of front discs you need to order 2. Fitting kits are listed for those bikes that require them, where the kit is marked as unavailable this will be due to the standard OE fitment discs already being a 320mm fitment. Please ensure you buy the correct kit for your bike at the time of ordering the discs.

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