1. What brand of brake pads can you supply - At The Brake King we can supply you with Bendix, Brembo,CL Brakes,EBC,Galfer,Hel Performance,Nissin and SBS
  2. What brand of brake discs can you supply - At TBK👑 we can supply you discs from Armstrong,Brembo,Galfer and SBS 
  3. What’s your dispatch times - We quote 3 working days but always endeveaour to dispatch sooner where possible 
  4. Do you keep all items in stock - We try our best to keep a large selection of the most popular items in stock at all times. To try and offer competitive prices we concentrate on the core items and order the other lines in. 
  5. What’s the best way to contact you - Email/Contact Us is always the best option. As a small team we could be busy doing other elements of the business and may not be near a phone. 
  6. Can you order non stock items - We will do our best to supply you any products you maybe looking for.