HPK Discs


  • £519.99
  • Risparmia £80.00

Brembo HPK (High Performance Kit) products are intended for anyone looking for maximum braking performance from standard wide track components. They are designed to interchange with original equipment parts so that you can fit just discs, just callipers, just master cylinders, a complete kit or any combination that you require. They can be used for Road, Track and Full Race use and have won world championships right up to World Supersport level.


The discs are model specific and are either the same diameter as the originals, as required for many race series or increased to 320mm to increase braking. This means you can use a high performance disc in many race series whilst maintaining the OE calipers if the series rules so dictate. They are 5.5mm thick rather than 4.5mm OE to allow for higher performance and can be used for Road, Track and Full Race use. This gives you World Class Braking at an affordable price.

This is for a pair of OE size discs that are 320mm diameter unless stated otherwise.

Please choose the correct model of bike when ordering.

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