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...Our first blog post so let us start by saying a big hello and giving you a big achy braky welcome to our website and that we hope you find what your looking for. We aim to put all put things braking related in one simple place to save you looking elsewhere,if you cant see the product you are looking for please contact us and we will source it and add onto the website. 

You will find the expected quality items like brake pads and discs from Brembo, CL Brakes, EBC, France Equipment, Nissin and SBS, along with Hel Braided Hoses,a range of Brake Fluids and Cleaners and Thermal Technology Tyre Warmers. Now Tyre Warmers we hear you say, how does that help me stop ?? Well the long answer is a subject maybe for our next blog post but in short the warmer the tyres the more grip you will have, therefore giving you more braking power

Thank you for stopping by (yes,cheesy pun intended) and seeing what we have to offer and we hope to see you on our next blog post

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