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This week we received a lovely complimentary review from one of our good customers who had recently bought some Thermal Technology Performance Tyre Warmers from us. He was used to using the blue biketek ones which he got from us a few years back so had an entry level product to compare against. People spend £1000s and £1000s trying to improve the handling and looks of their bikes but tend not to consider tyre warmers as an important piece of kit. Yet it’s the hot sticky tyres that cost a fortune these days but are also the main thing keeping you in contact with the tarmac. 

yamaha yzf-R6 Thermal Technology tyre warmers

Ian has recently been to Brno in the Czech Republic with his 2017 Yamaha R6 and his new tyre warmers and was amazed at the difference they made. In his own words - The TT Warmers are far hotter than the biketek ones, the tyres stayed at the optimum tempature all day long and no fiddling around with pressures or suspension settings were required. The grip from the tyres was phenomal due to the extra heat from the warmers and I felt I could go flat out from turn one and not waste a lap getting upto tempature. I know they are a bit pricier but I wish I made the jump up sooner, thanks for your help and advice on choosing my new set. 

 Yamaha yzf-R6 rear thermal Technology Performance tyre warmer

So there you have it in someone else’s words, not just a racer or a magazine just a very quick normal guy who can see good value and performance gains. 

When you look at the price of a set of race tyres like a Dunlop KR Series or Pirelli Supercorsa with a RRP of over £350 spending the same on a set of tyre warmers isn’t a lot for the benefits your going to get. All that extra grip, cornering ability, braking performance, confidence and stability not to mention increased tyre life might come in at the price of a set of tyres. On the plus side with these warmers your tyres will last longer and therefore will be repaying their costs everytime you go out. By the time your on your 10th day on track these warmers will have paid for themselves. 

Dont forget that Thermal Technology have the patent for integrated rim heating and are the only ones who can offer this as well as 2 year guarantee on all tyre warmers. 

These are some of the reasons why Thermal Technology are chosen up and down the MotoGP, WSBK & BSB Race paddocks. 


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